Issue #43

| PAPER CLIPS ISSUE NO. 43 3 PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 42 2 Editor’s Note Rachelle Browne Editor in Chief /paperclipsmagazine Christmas means a little bit more Rachelle Browne Editor in Chief Neil Schmidt Senior Editor Michael Luke Bruce Anderson Miller John Michaels Production Managers Marjory Lee Featured Stories Mary Sinclair David Whitaker Researchers Nico Mac Larry Blanc IT & Creative Director Joseph Adams Keith McCain Zoey Taylor Alvin Wright Staff Writer Sky Buckley Bradley Perkins Joseph Tong Marketing Advisors Frank Parker Geof Gilbert Jim Belfort Marcus Duncan Alex Patterson Advertising Agents Liability while every care was taken during the production of this magazine, the publishers cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information or any consequence arising from it. PaperClips magazine takes no responsibility for the companies/individuals advertising in this magazine. The magazine is produced only in digital format and no trees were wasted to produce these contents. All Photographs are either provided to us by creator or courtesy of shutterstock. Lo and behold, it’s Christmas! Seriously, what happened to Thanksgiving? It went fast, didn’t it? Time has flown by. Now, we are faced with Christmas rush and fuss, a hectic holiday hustle and bustle, and an increasing pressure on us to make everything brighter and better. So, we made sure our issue this month is packed with fantastic ways to get through this season—from the fascinating articles that delves into the lives of our exceptional authors to simple Christmas gift ideas you’ll surely love. Hopefully, you would enjoy reading our humble rag as you snuggle up and relax this holiday. Looking back at the past few years—after changing the look and changing the website, we are truly grateful that you stayed with us during our humbling transition. It is because of you, our faithful readers, that we continue to do what we love; continue to learn and grow in the midst of our daily grind. This is why we think Grinch is right after all—Christmas, at least for us, means a little bit more! Before Christmas season reaches its full swing, we hope you’d consider the holiday not as an incredibly commercial endeavor but a time for family and generosity, a time of healing and renewed strength. Most of all, a time to see God’s great love for all humanity. As 2017, draws to a close, we want to let you know that we’d also love to hear from you. We want to hear what you think and like to see more of in the magazine for the years to come and what you wish we’d left on the cutting-room floor. We believe that more perspectives lead to better decisions that is why, here, at Paperclips, ideas are written by all. We hope you’ll lend us yours. So, please let us know what you think of not only this issue but anything you see in the magazine or in our social media pages. To all our faithful readers, generous advertisers, wonderful writers and staff, Thank you so much for a great year. God is good. Happy holidays!